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To take a major step forward, you have to take a step back and start from scratch. That's exactly what we did for Bollenberger & Bollenberger when we rethought and redesigned their website.  The first things we did were to analyse the different target groups, the needs of potential customers and the product portfolio that B&B offers. Key to the design process was making it simple for people to get to the facts of the very complex services that are offered. This, in an easy and constructive way.



Target Audience


Design Concept


The design needed to be extremely flexible. Partly due to the massive amount of content needed on the website. Partly due to the very broad range of business segments the B&B operates in. The "Tile Design" enabled us to organise the content in a functional and flexible way.

Personal Touch - Yes!


To create that extra personal touch, we invented the B&B personas. Each persona represents a different group of clients from a different target sector. Adding this human face to the facts and figures, helps potential customers relate to the different solutions B&B offers easier.


Content Box


Wow! It can fit almost anything. News, video, text, the Universe... well maybe not the Universe!

Colour Is



Some things will never change and some things never should... like traditional colours.

Complete redesign and overhaul of the B&B Website for 2013

Client Bollenberger & Bollenberger


Our Work Art Direction, Graphicdesign & Webdesign