awesome things are about to happen

Cyberith is an amazing, hardware startup from Austria plying it's trade in the virtual reality sector. They build the Virtualizer, an innovative, award-winning locomotion device that allows you to move freely in virtual worlds by walking, running, jumping or crouching. The result? Total immersion in your game or any other application in the virtual world. You are not just playing the game, you are part of the game. Welcome to the future.


Our challenge: design a look that was appealing for two very different target audiences - hard-core gamers as well as professional users such as real estate companies. We came up with a cool, technological look. Modern shapes and forms combined with strong contrasts complete a very reduced overall look. We applied the CI Guidelines to multiple digital and classic media formats: print, website, social media, videos, their office as well as the product itself. The feedback from the community on their new design was great and the Kickstarter campaign that followed raised more than $360k. Success!

Rebranding of the Cyberith brand  with new look, new logo and design.

Client Cyberith GmbH


Our Work Logodesign, CI Design, 3D Renderings, Art Direction