awesome things are about to happen

How to market

the worlds best

pet door?


We looked at the current materials and the competitive landscape of the market. Most ads out there present their products either as plain old flap or in ugly locations. Or both.


Well, not with us. Here is our way: show the use-case, show the happy pet and the owner.


Our approach:


Okay, we knew what was missing. Customers couldn't see the product in Action. What we wanted was high-gloss shots of the product, the pet and maybe even the owner.


The creation:


We used our own pictures as well as stock footage in combination with 3D renderings and created more than 30 artworks for website, print products and ads.


Go to market:


The new website and shop was rolled out, orchestrated with an offline and online campaign (Youtube, Google Ads) as well as social media presence.

Woof. Safety first!


Don't worry, all of our pet-stars are safe. No pet was harmed, injured or in danger at any time of this production.

Collection of created visuals


We created a big variety of visuals for this project: from funny to informative and back. This is a sneak preview:

Client petWALK GmbH & Co. KG


Our Work Creative Concept, Art Direction, Advertising Strategy and Monitoring, Web Development

Created the communication guideline, artwork, photos and 3D renderings for website, ads and print.

Make it yours!


We built a configurator that helps you to create the perfect door, just for you! Try it: