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Xeer - one of the best apps out there for small businesses. We've played the leading role in the design and UI since day one. For more than three years, at different stages of the app's development, work has been done on the web app, mobile app, website and print material. There are so many samples, you'd need more than one lifetime to look through it all!

Our prime focus is functionality. We want to ensure that entrepreneurs can enjoy the software's efficient workflow without unnecessary distractions from their work. However, we didn't want Xeer to use the standard business software tables - a nightmare! Therefore, we designed a reduced UI, which is very simple to get in to and fun to use. How much fun can bookkeeping be?... this is the answer!



User Interface concept - mobile apps

User Interface concept - web app

Created the look and feel for Xeer on multiple platforms.

Client Xeer GmbH & Co. KG


Our Work Interactive Art Direction & Design